torsdag 12 januari 2012

My review of Camtica screen recorder software

I was asked if i could do a review of a screen recording software called Camtica from a company called Jiteco. 
Screen Recorder Software

Before i start i need to mention that i don't own a webcam so this review is for the screen capture part only.

From the start you are met with a pleasantly small 6.5mb .exe installation file.

After the installation you are welcomed to the software by a two window layout: the marker window and a Camtica window where you get several options for the size of the capture area, use of webcam and audio options and the main record button.

 When selecting a area to capture  you have several options:
1  resize the marker window yourself to the size of the screen you with to capture.
2. By clicking on the rectangle with a arrow (marked in dark gray) you get more options to play with.
3. If you know the exact dimension enter the width and height values into the boxes marked "W" and "H".

By pressing the rectangular box with a down arrow (marked with dark gray) you can access the recording options area that allows you to play with advanced settings

You are here met with several options ranging from which settings to use when recording to a WMV file, video size, framerate, hot key for stopping the recording and options for showing or disabling the mouse cursor when recording the screen.

You also have the option to select a AVI file as your recording format and here you have several options for the sound and video settings.
I highly recommend that you do some trial and error test recordings to find the quality level that is to your specific needs as i found a long list of options to play with for both the audio and video codecs!

You have several option for the video size.
You can also select the framerate of your choice.

When you press record you get a three second countdown that tells you when you can start your screen recording.

When you are done with your screencast press the F10 key to stop the recording (F10 as a default, but you can set another stop key) and then save the file by naming it to a location of your choice and you are done! 
Congrats on recording you own screen!


Pros and cons:


- Very easy to use interface
- Allot of setting to customizing and play with.
- I didnt notice any performance issues even with my 5+ year old desktop machine!
- Small installation file.


- Loses my custom setting when shut down, start with default setting on when started.
- Lack of setting for high definition recording, 720p and 1080p.
- Too many choices for video and audio codecs requiring the user to use trial and error before find the
   right combination. 

A note regarding the codec issue:
I suspect that i may have additional codecs installed on my system which could explain the longer list, your experience may vary based on your setup.

All in all i enjoy using Camtica for its easy to use interface, highly recommended!

Visit their website for more information and a try it for your self.

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