måndag 8 november 2010

My new creative and fun project :)

Hi there, its time to resurrect this blog again and so i though why not do that with a fun announcement:

I have been feeling under-stimulated lately so as a remedy and a portal to more fun and being more creative here is my new project:

I am creating my own deck of cards, 52 regular and three joker and a box to put them in :)
I am going to select 54 of my photos and choose four themes that has yet to be decided.

Here is a very rough look at a card i created in order to get a idea of the look and feel of them:

The background for this project is that i got into my creative mode when viewing a picture of a set of playing cards and thought that i can do that too!
So as a way to get more creative and find a excuse to learn indesign again i decided to start this project and do by absolute best to actually finish it too!
Its going to be a fun ride and i have set my pre-new years goal to be allot better with starting and finishing stuff i get involved with!

More info and the progress of this project will be posted regularly (that is my aim!)

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