söndag 21 november 2010

The very hard art of sorting images!

I want to ask you a question:
How would you grade you ability to sort through your pictures and find the best ones?

The reason i ask this is that recently i found myself being too fond of the pictures i took that day which resulted in me doing a not so good job of sorting through that days photos.
Thankfully a friend came to the rescue and told me that i had to do a better sorting job which helped me allot to be a better photographer.

As with any situation where a person tells you that you done a not so good job there is the feeling of "how dare that person tells me how to do something!", but after really thinking about it i understood that he was right i DID do a sloppy sorting job!
And that is one of the most important keys to being a better photographer: listen to constructive criticism and learn from it instead just ignoring what other people tell you!

In my case what i got from the constructive criticism was that i now work even harder to sort my pictures and find those great photos that people love to see!

So thank you Lund for your words, as much as it hurts to hear them i am very grateful that you took the time to tell me that i was doing a not so good job :)

How would you grade you ability to sort through your pictures and find the best ones?

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  1. 4 av 5, där ligger jag på skalan. Hur som helst... Lunds kritik kan man spinna vidare på ; exempelvis hur mycket bilder av samma motiv ska man posta samtidigt på facebook? Hur mycket ska man spreja på ett och samma motiv? En exponering räcker kanske?

    Börja sortera innan du tar en bild - fråg dej själv om du tror att den blir bra. Då slipper du över huvud taget ta bort den från minneskortet till att börja med.

    Well, på tal om helt annat... det är många minusgrader i Kiruna och väldigt vitt, snöigt och fint här :)