måndag 9 augusti 2010

Playing around with macro extension tubes..

I was listening to TWIT live http://live.twit.tv/ and felt my photographic inspiration kicking in, so i decided to find a item and use macro extension tubes to get VERY close to it.
As i was preparing my tripod and remote shutter i remembered that a friend of mine borrowed me his M42 extension tubes, and since i have a pentacon 135mm 2.8 MC M42 lens i decided to see how closer i can get when connecting 2 sets of extension tubes on the lens.

So i looked around and found a standard metal flashlight and made it my subject, it turned out to be a good subject with nice amount of details.

This was my setup:

Canon 50D connected to a tripod and a remote shutter cord.
On the camera i first mounted the canon extension tubes, then i mounted the m42 tubes on to a m42 to eos adapter and finally connected the Pentacon lens on the m42 tubes.

Using live view i found my subject and composed the picture and made sure that my focus was spot on.
Since i was taking more light away by using two extension tubes i also used a headlamp for a extra light source.
I then set the aperture to f16 and took a test shot, then another one and finally the one i liked the most.
Here is the shot of the object i chose and the area that the macro shot was focused on:
Click on the image to see in a bigger size.

Here is the macro shot of the highlighted area:

Click on the image to see in a bigger size.

The result was amazing considering how closer i got with using two sets of extension tubes at the same time, also having 15 megapixels to play with really allowed me to get a really close view of a normal item that i happened to have on my desk.

What is your experience with macro photograpy?
What method do you use for taking macro photos?

If you have a macro photo you like allot then please share it by posting a link to it :)

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