tisdag 27 juli 2010

Kelby worldwide photowalk in Gothenburg

Last Saturday (24th July) i joined my fellow photographers on the 2010 Kelby worldwide photowalk and while i had a good time i do have some thoughts on why these bigger (max 50 people per group) meet-ups doesn't work for me as a source for taking good photos.

Here is some background to my argument:

Last year was the first time i went to the Kelby event and while i did meet many people that i now can call very good friends i also found it to be a less then optimal situation for taking photos i consider memorable and great.
The reason for this is that in our group we were almost 40 photographer and it felt like speed dating where there was a short time to meet and see if we matched enough to have a conversation.
It also didn't help that it rained throughout the whole photowalk which made it allot harder take photos of good subjects and protecting the camera from rain!
The best part was that i met many new people including some that i consider really good friends :)
All in all i did despite the rain and the too large group size enjoy the 2009 Kelby photowalk.

The 2010 Kelby photowalk was allot more fun thanks to a smaller group of people, excellent weather, meet new people and a good route to walk through.

So all in all i still highly recommend the Kelby worldwide photowalks and if you see it as a place to meet new people and allot less about taking good photos you will have a great time!

Did you attend this years Kelby photowalk, if so how did you like it?
What is your thoughts on these kind of large group meet-ups?

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