söndag 29 maj 2011

The most perfect roll of film!

I did something that i never done before:

I loaded my Lubitel 166 universal TRL camera with a roll of Kodak Tri-x pan 400 120 film and produced 11 frames that features lightleaks, uneven exposures, bent corners on the negatives and am very happy with the results!
The reason for this is that i have learned to enjoy imperfections, which is something i used to fear and i would spend allot of time making sure that i had a reason to take a roll of film and finding the best subjects, this meant that i wouldn't allow my spontaneous side to come to life and resulted in me shooting less analog!

So why the change?

When i use my dslr for a work situation i have to get into "get the shot right from the start" mode which is great for many reasons but less optimal for being spontaneous since i have a certain amount of time with a client and they require a great looking photo!

Analog is for my a way to relax and produce photos that are more artistic and allows me to be more creative, what makes it even better is that i develop my own black/white films at home so i get a extra pleasure from seeing the process from the camera to holding negatives i created in my hand!

As i write this blog post i am scanning the 11 frames and just love the results!

By the way i say 11 frames because the 12th one was just too out there and didn't produce a workable image.

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