tisdag 29 mars 2011

How should i relate to my old photos?

I have a dilemma:

How should i relate to my old photos?

Here is why i ask this:

I looked back at the photos i took back in 2009 i come to think about how great it was when we would be a group of people that would almost every weekend go for a photowalk and really enjoy it or when i in 2009 traveled to Kiruna and took some great photos that still remain special to me.
Another great memory was when we were a small group of friends that regularly would a weekday find the time to meetup and just sit down and bullshit about what was on our minds and have a a great time.

Those days are in some way over or happen allot less regularly but that is just a natural thing because all good things have to end someday!
The good news though is that as time goes by i have found new friends that have a interest in photography, i have also found new opportunities that enable me to become successful through contacts and most importantly i have learned to become a better photographer!

So what about the old photos them self, how do they compare to work i create today?

I find them flawed both in technical aspects and in the fact that i now find the subjects less exciting, i also find that the style i edited the photos are in some way weird or not suitable to the subject itself!
What i do see in them is myself and by that i mean the same curiosity to take a odd angle of a bird is still in me, this time though i have Lightroom 3 as a tool to make the images even better then before!

As a final thing here is five ways i have improved my skills since 2009:

1. I find myself working allot more on each photo.
2. They are more creative thanks to my way of thinking.
3. I have learned to use my lenses in a allot more effective way by knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
4. I enjoy taking out a film camera loaded with 36 black/white frames and forcing myself to only take great photos so that i make the most of the film, as a added bonus i come home and later that day develop the film in my own black/white lab :)
5. I am more consistent photographer by having tried allot of subjects and learned from them.


How do you relate to your old photos?

Do you miss the "good old days"?

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  1. I'm just glad that I think my old photos are flawed, it means that I now better "see" how photos could look like and that my photography has improved.