söndag 6 februari 2011

Do you love your own photos?

I received a email where i was asked whats my secret for getting so many comments on Flickr?

My answer was very simple: "Love your own photos, look at other people photos and most importantly know the basics of how shutterspeed, aperture and iso works!"

He emailed me back saying: "Thanks for the advice but how is that going to make me more popular on Flickr?"

I responded back: "If you love your own photos then it doesn't matter if you get allot of comments on Flickr because at the end of the day there is only one person who knows if your photos are great and that is you!"
I did add that there are positive aspects of being popular on Flickr but that is a secondary goal!

He responded back by saying: "What is wrong with you assholes that cant even give me a straight answer!"

I didn't hear from him again so hopefully he understood what i was talking about.


I do admit that i was an asshole by not explaining that if you comment on other peoples photos then you get comments back, but to be honest i have grown tired of the constant race of getting allot of comments and faves on Flickr because at the end of the day it doesn't matter to me as much as it used too!
What matters is how i feel about my photos, how being creative helps me to be feel more confident of myself so that i can be successful with my life.

As for all of you who visit, comment and press the favorite button on my photos, i thank everyone of you very much for your support by being there for me :)

Do you love your own photos?
How do you value a comment or a favorite?

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