måndag 24 januari 2011

A better way of finding your next lens.

I was thinking about when i should get a new lens and it struck med that there is a way that works great, is cheaper then getting it at the store and allows you to try it out before making a decision, namely look around your network of photographer friends and see of one of them have a lens that they want to sell.
This method not only works great, it also helps your photographer friend to find a quick buyer which enables them to try a new lens at the same time!
Depending on the level of friendship you can get a great price and at the same time help out the economy of your friend.

This is by the way the method i have been using to get to my current lens setup and i love how i was able to make my friend happy by helping him/her out with some need cash for excellent glass :)
So the next time you want a lens ask around and you will find that your friends may have the one you want :)

How do you find your lenses?
Do you get them new or used?

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