onsdag 30 mars 2011

A pizza is a great way to treat one self after a productive day!

After a very productive work day i treated myself to a pizza and being the person that constantly has a camera with me i just had to document my meal.

A great sign of spring :)

I had a meeting that went very well today so i gave myself a treat by getting a large chocolate cookie at a cafe that i like to visit now and then.
It was there that i saw this wonderful sign of spring arriving:

tisdag 29 mars 2011

How should i relate to my old photos?

I have a dilemma:

How should i relate to my old photos?

Here is why i ask this:

I looked back at the photos i took back in 2009 i come to think about how great it was when we would be a group of people that would almost every weekend go for a photowalk and really enjoy it or when i in 2009 traveled to Kiruna and took some great photos that still remain special to me.
Another great memory was when we were a small group of friends that regularly would a weekday find the time to meetup and just sit down and bullshit about what was on our minds and have a a great time.

Those days are in some way over or happen allot less regularly but that is just a natural thing because all good things have to end someday!
The good news though is that as time goes by i have found new friends that have a interest in photography, i have also found new opportunities that enable me to become successful through contacts and most importantly i have learned to become a better photographer!

So what about the old photos them self, how do they compare to work i create today?

I find them flawed both in technical aspects and in the fact that i now find the subjects less exciting, i also find that the style i edited the photos are in some way weird or not suitable to the subject itself!
What i do see in them is myself and by that i mean the same curiosity to take a odd angle of a bird is still in me, this time though i have Lightroom 3 as a tool to make the images even better then before!

As a final thing here is five ways i have improved my skills since 2009:

1. I find myself working allot more on each photo.
2. They are more creative thanks to my way of thinking.
3. I have learned to use my lenses in a allot more effective way by knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
4. I enjoy taking out a film camera loaded with 36 black/white frames and forcing myself to only take great photos so that i make the most of the film, as a added bonus i come home and later that day develop the film in my own black/white lab :)
5. I am more consistent photographer by having tried allot of subjects and learned from them.


How do you relate to your old photos?

Do you miss the "good old days"?

fredag 4 mars 2011

Event photography with a manual focus lens!

I was asked by my friend Maria Gustafsson (http://twitter.com/mikumaria) to be her photographer for a one hour event where she was the moderator of a conversation between three people on the subject of being called a sellout and what that really means.

From left to right: Katarina Gröndahl, Ted Hesselbom, Dogge Doggelito and Maria Gustafsson

So i packed my bag with the trusty and wonderful Canon 580 EX II and a homemade flash bouncer that a friend gave me (it works great and costs less then 20 dollars to make!)
As for the lens i went with the great and wonderful manual focus Pentacon 50mm 1.8 MC auto lens which despite having a 360 degree focusing ring allows me to focus very fast on a object!
So does a somewhat weirdly lit room with moving guests hinder me from getting sharp photos: The answer is no!
Thank to liveview and the fact that i only had to turn the ring from infinity to the minimum focusing distance maybe two or three times so i had no problem getting great photos, even with the musical act towards the end of the night when the rappers were moving around allot!

Another reason i have such success with a manual focus lens is that i carefully choose my subjects so that i take a great photo and also allow myself the time to focus and get a sharp photo!
With that said a Canon 50mm 1.4 USM is on my shopping list the moment i can afford it so that covering events get a little easier.

How did it go for Maria you ask:
She did a excellent job making sure that everyone of the panel got to speak during the hour that the discussion lasted.
Being a moderator is a really hard job because you have to be the boss and give each panelists equal time t0 speak but at the same time make sure you stick to the time limit!
So the next time you see someone that does a great job moderating a panel make sure to praise and make him/her happy with a positive review!


Dont let a manual focus lens stop you from taking that great shot!

Plan out the photos in your head before taking them, this makes you take even better photos and gets you into the habit of having more available space in your memory cards!

Thank the moderator, they deserve a positive review!

Here is a album with pictures from that evening:


Have you worked as a event photographer?

How did you find the level of difficultly of being the photographer that has to cover an event?